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Please note me or contact me through Kik before requesting a commission. Prices range from 50 points to 1050 points.
[Open Slot]
Please note me or contact me through Kik before requesting a commission. Prices range from 50 points to 1050 points.
[Open Slot]
Please note me or contact me through Kik before requesting a commission. Prices range from 50 points to 1050 points.
[Open Slot]
Please note me or contact me through Kik before requesting a commission. Prices range from 50 points to 1050 points.


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First Name: Noor

Date of Birth: 2nd May, 2000

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6

Personality Type: ISFP-T

Bio: Alright, so my name's Noor. I was born in Saudi Arabia. However, I spent a good majority of my life in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Dubai. Currently I'm living in Pakistan. I'd say I'm pretty well educated. I love the arts, however I probably won't be chasing it as a career path. Business is a much more stable job ovo'
Writing has been a passion of mine since I was in grade school honestly, and I love it so much. For now I'm playing it safe and sticking to fanfictions (mostly Reader-inserts), but I'm hoping that I'll be able to branch away.

Genres I'm willing to write: Romance, comedy, tragedies, angst, fluff, mild limes.

Genres I'm unwilling to write: Smut/lemons, hardcore gore.

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Contact Me:

Kik: NoorLaCookieMonstaxo

Personal Blog: MissMapleLady
Oceantalia Blog: Under construction

Wattpad: xShimmeringSoulx

Quotev: MagicalMissMaple

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Forgive me for the lack of updates and overall activity, my cousin's getting married so I've been wrapped up with that ;w; I'm still writing every chance I get, but it's very slow and I'm mainly focusing on Bite-Sized. I wouldn't expect any major updates for Nya until September. Oh, and I'll also be picking up Oceantalia again; there's no way I'll be able to finish Nya quickly and it's unfair to make everyone else wait. 
Okay I didn't realized I was close to hitting 1k watches ;; I don't really know how to describe how I feel right now, it's just very warm and fuzzy ///

I'll definitely write something for the occasion, just tell me what'd you all would prefer: 
-A fanfic 
-An original story 
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1. What's your favorite pokemon game or game in general if you don't play pokemon?
Favourite pokemon game is definitely fire red. 

2. If you could magically learn some sort of skill, what would that skill be?
I dunno?? I'd like to knit like a pro.

3. If you could be a voice actor and had the chance to choose a character to be the voice of, who would it be?
I don't like my voice, so who's mute? 

4. What kind of character would you rather be a voice actor for in future upcoming anime, a character that's similar to yourself or completely different?
I'd rather be something different if I had to voice act.

5. Would you rather be a part of your favorite anime or be part of one of your own creation?

6. Could you ever see one or more of your OC's being part of someone else's anime or star in their very own?
At the moment? Nope

7. Did you base one or more of your OC's off of yourself?  How so?
Well, I have one named Liliann. She's still in the idea process, but she's the girl I wish I could be like. 

8. What was the first anime or manga that got you interested in other anime or manga?
Hmm, the first anime I ever saw was Sailor Moon, but I'd say that Mermaid Melody was the one that made me search for more. 

9. Thoughts on the new and upcoming pokemon sun and moon games?
I want pls 

10. What's your favorite animal and would you ever wanna be one?
I'm torn between birds and cats. I'd rather not honestly, I like my thumbs

11. Favorite pokemon?

12. Which legendary pokemon would you ever want to be?

13. What's your number 1 fandom of all time?
Don't make me pick please

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1. Write the rules

2. Answer the 13 questions made by the person who tag you, and make your own 13 questions

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1) How long do you sleep?
School days about 8 hours. Lately I've been sleeping about 10 hours. 

2) Do you have a heart?
I would like to assume so???

3) Are you part of the tomato army?
No? ;w; 

4) Favorite Eevee-lution?

5) Have you ever eaten pizza for breakfast?
Oh yeah, a bunch of times actually

6) Timezone?
UTC + 5 hours 

7) Indoors or outdoors?
As much as I'd like to be an outdoor person, I'm probably an indoor one. 

8) What Cardverse Kingdom do you belong to?
Dunno what that is, but I see the word "Card" so I'm going to say... Clover? 

9) Can you dance? (in your opinion)

10) Leggings or shorts?
I'm not one for showing skin, so leggings

11) Sweaters or tshirts?

     the answer is sweaters if you can't tell

12) Do you like Oreo McFlurries?
Love them

13) Did you like these questions?

The following contains vulgar language. If this makes you uncomfortable, then this story is not for you.

Paws Paws Paws 

You sat on a soft chair and stared out your window. You watched the endless sea of leaves and tree touch the horizon as the sun peaked through. It was like a green blanket that was being peeled off by the giant ball of fire so that it could climb up the cloud ladder and reach its spot in the sky. You had stayed up for a long time, simply watching the sky tell you its story. When you were alone in the cave you spent most, if not all, of your time asleep. But now, when you were on an actual bed, in an actual room, wearing an actual night gown, your eyes could hardly blink. It didn’t make any sense. Here you were comfortable, well more comfortable than you were before, and in a relatively safe room. That should have been more than enough reason to be able to sleep peacefully. Yet, with every second you stayed in your prison, you got more frantic. And the crowd up in your noggin wasn’t really helping.

‘We are going to die here!!! Alois is planning on fattening us up and then he’ll feed us to the triplets!’

‘Or maybe he’ll use us like as a sex slave.’

‘Don’t be ridiculous. Alois is still a child. He’s too young for sex.’

‘Well, maybe we’re meant for Claude then.’

You shuddered in disgust and snapped at the voices. They shut up after that, thankfully.  Your tired eyes went back to your window. A small smile twitched upward as you basked in the light that flooded the room after the sun had finally reached its throne high up in the blue sky.

“If I was to be thrown into a cell one day and if I had a choice of bringing any one thing with me...I’d take this window.” You mused aloud.

“Well that sure is stupid. I’d take a fucking bomb and bust my way out.” An absolutely obnoxious and unwanted voice piped in. “Fuck you, I heard that.” She growled and stepped away from the shadows. The other you made herself home and plopped herself onto the large bed. She inspected the room from her perch before letting out a mildly impressed whistle, “Man, this place sure beats the stinky old cave Sebastian left us to rot in.”

Getting all defensive you argued, “I-it was the only place no one would think to look in! He was just trying to keep us—I mean me safe.” You continued mumbling the word “me” over and over again in a foolish attempt to remind yourself that you’re one person, just one. The voices in your head were exactly what they were, simply voices, just voices.

The other you laughed, “Oh for fuck’s sake, admit that you’re fucking insane woman. There’s two of us in here and a billion in your skull!”

Your eyes glared sharply at the other you. You stood up from your seat and marched your way over to the bozo, “Listen here you twat. Explain yourself! Who the hell are you?! How are you here!? Why are you here!?”

The other you rolled her eyes, “Don’t get your undies in a twist. Who am I? I’m you, if it isn’t already fucking obvious. How am I here? I don’t fucking know, but I’m not going to be a bitch about it. Why am I here? Hmm... I guess it’s to save your fucking ass.”

You slammed your palms on either side of the other you and spat in her smug face, “Save me? You made me snap at Alois!”

“So what?” She shrugged, “Can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.”

“You weren’t just “breaking a few eggs”!” You screamed, “You were going to kill the damn chicken!”

The two of you would have continued arguing had Hannah not come into the room. Her eye looked at you with perhaps a tint of worry in it, “My lady? You were screaming. Do you require assistance?”

Your eyes widened as you looked back to where the other you had been. However, she wasn’t there anymore. Your mouth fell open and your eyes shifted from the empty bed to Hannah to the bed again. Your pursed your lips together and quietly mumbled, “No...Everything’s alright.”

Hannah bowed slightly and was about to leave when you called her back, “Wait! Actually...I.. um..I could use some answers.”

The tan demon’s hand hovered over the doorknob as she thought about your request. Alois had ordered her to see to what you technically, she wasn’t forbidden to answer a couple of questions. Hannah let her hand fall back to her sides and she turned to face you once more. You motioned for Hannah to sit on the bed with you; you had a lot of questions after all. You started with the basics, just a few simple questions like “What day is it?” “How long have I been here?” “How mad was Alois?” “When will I be allowed out again?” Hannah had been very patient with you and did not mind your tendency to ramble, or at least not openly. The atmosphere had quietly fallen into a very comfortable one and the conversation had transformed from a full on interrogation to a real conversation with the occasional question from your side. Hannah had even begun brushing your hair at one point, which was pleasant. She had made a small comment about you needing to trim your hair seeing as it was a pretty much dead moss stuck to your scalp. You had giggled and agreed. However, you just had to damped the mood and ask a few very important questions.

You bit your lip and mustered the courage to ask, “What exactly happened to Angela?”

Hannah did not stop brushing your hair as she answered, “The crow demon destroyed the angel during their battle.”

You hummed, “So luckily that didn’t change...What about Ciel? Is his soul here?”

Hannah’s face contorted into one of mild confusion, “Why would his soul be here?”

You looked back at the maid quizzically, “What do you mean why? Alois needed it to get back at Sebastian. How else does he plan on getting him riled up?”

Hannah did not answer. She kept silent and her gaze stayed on you. Seconds ticked by and the gears in your head began turning. When you finally realized what happened, Hannah had begun to worry that your eyes might actually pop out of their sockets and roll out of your head. Your face turned paper-white as you shakily spoke, “H-h-he’s... he-e’s d-dead?”

A nod was the reply.

You licked your lips, “A-am I-I-I the p-plan?”

Another nod.

A scream erupted from your throat and your hands went up to your scalp. Your fingers curled into your hair and you began tugging them out. Your eyes stung with tears and senseless mummers gushed out of your mouth. Panic, fear, and anxiety seeped in and sent your body into complete autopilot. Even though you were sure that you were still awake, you could feel yourself being pulled out of your consciousness and into a small dark little area.  The force sent you flat onto your ass. Too frantic to question where you were, or what happened, you simply curled into a small human-ball and sobbed. Your arms and jaw tingled, but you couldn’t tell why, nor did you care to find out.

Nothing made sense anymore. Everything spiralled downward so quickly, it was terrifying. In the beginning, you knew every word everyone was going to say. Now... now you didn’t know anything. You didn’t even have a clue of what month it was until Hannah told you. You felt... naked in a sense. Naked, vulnerable, lost and... alone.

“Y-you’re not alone...” A voice called out.

Your head snapped up and you began searching for the sound, “W-wha?”

Out of the darkness, came out another you. She wasn’t the asshole you met before, no, she was different. Her hair was loose, and she wore one of your old outfits. This you shuffled on her feet awkwardly and pulled her clothes, “H-Hi... I-I-I’m scared too..”

“I’m hungry more than scared to be completely honest.” Said a h/c-haired girl wearing your favourite pjs and rocking your bed-head. She scratched her stomach lazily, “Though, I guess I’m a bit terrified too.”

Several different versions of you began popping up at once and began filling in the darkness that had been there. All of them wore different clothes and had different hair-styles. Some had the extra extensions Undertaker had given you, some didn’t, but in the end, they were all you.You scrambled up onto your feet and began backing away. “W-what the hell!?”

You turned around to run, but before you could, a pair of hands settled onto your shoulder and held you there, “Hey hey hey... Calm down darling. We’re not going to hurt you.” A you with a soft smile said. She looked exactly how you did when you officially joined the Phantomhive manor as a maid, minus the cat ears and tail.

You couldn’t explain it, but just seeing her managed to ease the tension wrapped around you, “W-w-where..?”

“We’re in your head love. But it’s okay, I already handled your body.” She smiled brightly, “It’s resting right now. I’m sorry if I dropped you too harshly in here... I needed to get you out of there fast.”

She watched with slight worry as you opened and closed your mouth, visibly trying to process everything.

“Ugh!” A bikini-clad you spoke out, “All this stressin’ is going to make us lose our hair!! You know what we need!? To get laid reaaal good!”

“Oh oh or have a niiiice big meal~” cooed the pj-you, “A nap could work too.”

Maid-you rolled her eyes and giggled, “What they mean is that we’re carrying too much on our shoulders. We need to trust that Sebastian will come and find us.”

Maid-you’s eyes widened when she noticed that you were no longer shaking. You weren’t even crying anymore, you were just standing there. And then, out of seemingly nowhere, a shadow-like creature emerged from behind you. It took the shape of a person, a person maid-you admittedly hated. Every other you noticed the shadow-person, but you seemed oblivious to it.

“Get me out of here now.” You hissed, “I hate this place and I hate every single one of you. Here, nothing is making sense, and all you can say is that I'm stressing too much!? Nonsense! You’re nothing but weaknesses. And least bitch-me can do something!”

Maid-you sighed and her eyebrow twitched. She grumbled some words before turning to you with the most annoyed expression imaginable,  “As you wish.”

She then pushed you and right when you hit the ground, your body jerked and bright colours invaded your vision. You gasped and sat up with cold sweat dripping down the side of your forehead. You looked around to see if anyone else was around, but luckily it was just you in the big intimating room. Despite how roomy it was, the four walls made you feel suffocated. The unexplained anger inside you also pushed you to do something other than sit in these four walls for a minute longer. And despite how much of a bad idea it was, you couldn’t help but open the door and step out. It was a stupid and reckless decision, but you couldn’t be in that prison cell for a moment longer. The window that offered you comfort now was teasing you. Where once the sight of trees and birds were enough to satisfy you, it now felt like it was taunting you.

You needed to get out.

Your bare feet tapped over the wooden floor boards in the vast hallway. Your hand was pressed against the painted walls to steady yourself, and your ears were twitched every couple of seconds. You knew that you were breathing heavily, you knew you’d be caught, you knew this was the most idiotic thing you could have done, but you didn’t care. A sort of child-like wonder coursed through you as you walked through the Trancy manor. It was just like when you were first able to fully explore the Phantomhive estate. It was familiar. And that one small thought was more comforting than anything you could have ever asked for. And just like that, nearly all of the tension in you melted away. Granted you weren’t about to let your guard down completely, but you felt some peace.  

Your ears stood up when rhythmic taps began leaking out of one room. If memory served right then.. this was the dining area. You shyly opened the door and peaked inside. The large pale dining room was fairly empty. In fact, it would have been deserted had it not been for the spider demon tap-dancing high up. Your mouth fell open as you were mesmerized by the fluid and quick moments of Claude’s feet. The dance was clearly difficult, but he made it look so easy. The demon abruptly turned around and threw his glasses into the air. You couldn’t help but gasp in awe when he jumped onto the chandeliers and threw the cream carpet up into the air. Everything after that happened so fast, you got dizzy by the fast blurry change of colours. Mere seconds later, Claude was on the floor and his spectacles fell snugly onto his nose.  

“Woah...” you whispered softly and stared at the walls that shed away their pale colour for a much stronger red. Despite how much you’d rather not admit it, Claude had thoroughly impressed you.

“I do believe that even in the future it is bad manners to sneak around someone else’s home.” Warm breath washed onto your neck.

Your shoulders stiffened and the hairs on your tail stood up, “I-I-I’m so-sorry.. I just—I wanted to— Eek!” All of a sudden you were trapped in between Claude and the door. Your heart was beating erratically at the close proximity between your body and Claude’s much taller one. His golden eyes stared down at you with such intensity, you were pretty sure that he was dissecting your soul with them. And let’s be honest, he probably was. You gulped and pressed your back against the door in futile attempt to put more distance in between you and him. Sadly, the only thing it did was make your back sore. His silence was starting to irritate you. What was he thinking and why was he staring at you as if you were an odd trinket? Couldn’t he see that you were getting uncomfortable!?

“Take picture why don’t ya?” You seethed, “It lasts longer.”

Claude’s staring didn’t falter, and his face didn’t as much as twitch, which only angered you further. What right does this guy have to act this way!? So what if he’s a soul-sucking demon with no emotions! He can’t just silently stare at you as if you were the last slice of pizza in the world! It made you feel violated, and the only allowed to do that was Sebasti— I mean no one! Your mouth opened to say another snarky remark when Alois slammed the door open. Claude was able to move away and avoid impact, while you weren’t as lucky. You groaned loudly and held onto your nose. Warm blood dripped down it and you hissed.

Alois looked back to see you on the floor and blinked innocently, “Y/n? What in bloody hell are you doing on the floor?”

You glared up at him, “Oh golly, I don’t know.”

Alois waved his hand absently, “Claude, go clean up Y/n. I don’t want her looking like that when the guests come over. I do want to make a good impression when I finally announce my fiancée!”

“FI-FIAN— WHAT!?” You stared wide-eyed at Alois who continued to ignore you.

Claude bowed and picked you up from the ground. Unlike with Hannah, you didn’t struggle when he was the one dragging you out. Whether it was out of fear or shock, you pick. Within minutes you were back in your lavish prison and sitting on your plump bed. Claude took out a napkin from his breast pocket and cleaned up the blood from your nose. Neither of you spoke a word while he gently tabbed the crimson liquid away. You wanted to snap at him again and tell him to get lost, but all your words died in your throat.

When he was done, he stood up and informed you that Hannah would come to bathe and dress you. With that he left you alone to your thoughts. Almost immediately after you were left alone, you fell back onto the mattress and groaned loudly, “I hate this!”

“Me too buddy.”

Paw Bullet (Black) - F2U! Paw Bullet (Black) - F2U! Paw Bullet (Black) - F2U! 

Outside your room, Claude stared at the bloodied napkin in his hand. Curiously he brought it up to his nose and took a sniff. When the aroma filled his senses, his eyes turned from golden to pink and his mouth fell open in awe. He nearly staggered but managed to compose himself before anyone saw him. He quickly put the napkin back in his pocket and swiftly walked away.
Nya~? (Sebastian x Modern Neko Reader) Chapter 24
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Commissions are opened. Please read my journal entry for more information:

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Paw Print (Black) - F2U! Paw Print (Black) - F2U! Paw Print (Black) - F2U! 

Black Butler and it's characters belong to Yana Toboso. 

I don't own the preview picture, I found it on Google. If anyone knows who made it, please inform me!

Story belongs to me

Commission for :iconmurfpie156:

Hello Kitty Hello Kitty Hello Kitty 

Eren and Y/n had been sparring a bit. Eventually they grew tired and decided to lounge out in the field under the cool shade of a tree. Naturally their tired huffs and puffs along with the silence were abandoned in favour of an animated conversation. They didn’t speak of anything that was important, until Eren made a very interesting comment...

“Did you know that Levi sings in the shower?” Eren mumbled before taking a large sip of water.

Y/n immediately stopped what she was doing and stared at the titan-shifter disbelievingly, “You’re pulling my leg.”

Eren grinned mischievously, “I’m serious! I heard it with my own two ears.”

Y/n chuckled and playfully nudged the brunets shoulder, “I think I’ve beat you up a little too hard, you were definitely imagining it. Are you sure we’re talking about the Levi? Mister “Don’t even breathe on me with your filthy mouth or else I’ll shove a broom so far up your ass it’ll clean the damn thing.” That Levi?”

Eren rolled his eyes but chuckled none the less, “Yes Y/n, that Levi.”

Y/n smirked and mused over what Eren had said. Levi singing in the shower? Blasphemy. However... testing the little theory could but a lot of fun... “Eren.”

Said boy hummed in acknowledgement.

“Get the biggest trashcan you can find.”

Hello Kitty Icon _m_ Hello Kitty Icon _m_ Hello Kitty Icon _m_ 

“Damn brats.” Levi grumbled as he washed the sticky muck from his hair.  

He had been filling out paper forms when Y/n had burst into his office. The stupid grin on her face had immediately set off alarm bells in his head, but he couldn’t really accuse her of anything without solid proof. Before he could ask anything, she had screamed Eren’s name. That was the last thing he heard before having garbage juice thrown onto him. The two ran from the scene while he was in shock, and no one had seen them since. They were probably kissing in some corner.

Oh wow, that thought did not do anything to improve the short man’s mood.  Levi scrubbed the shampoo harder into his scalp. It was like if he rubbed hard enough, the soapy substance would get rid of her image too. Sadly, that’s not how shampoo works.

While he was grunting and being the grumpy pants he is, he heard someone walk around outside. It sounded feminine, so it definitely wasn’t Y/n. And it was too delicate to be Eren, so cross him off that list. He heard the girl hum the tune of a song that’s gotten into everyone’s head lately, some ridiculous song by the name of “Hello Kitty” or something.

Levi stopped trying to peel off his scalp and listened to the young girl hum for a while longer before deciding to get her to leave. “Oi, brat! Leave and go back to the girls dormitories!” He called out from the showers. He stayed silent and listened closely for the sound of retreating footsteps. When they made their appearance, began washing away all the grim on his arms. The silence slowly became humming, which transformed into mumbling, which then became full-blown singing, “Mina saiko, arigato, k-k-kawaii! K-k-kawaii~ Mom’s not home tonight so we can roll around, have a pillow fight! Like a major rager O-M-F-G!”

He turned off the flow of steaming water and grabbed two towels. One was wrapped around his waist while the other was used to dry his hair. His hips swayed to the beat in his head, “Let’s all slumber party, like a fat kid on a pack of Smarties. Someone chuck a cupcake at me! It’s time for spin the bottle, not gonna talk about it tomorrow, keep it just between you and me~” The short man dried the rest of his body and put on a pair of boxers, “Let’s play truth or dare. We can roll around in our underwear, how every silly kitty should be.”

Levi continued singing the song to himself and put on the rest of his clothes. Outside the bathroom were Eren and Y/n listening in the squad leader’s private concert. Eren had a smug smirk on his face while Y/n wore one of pure shock and disbelief.  Y/n leaned closer to Eren and whisper-shouted, “He’s actually singing! HOLY SHIT EREN I LOVE YOU!” Y/n tackled into Eren and peppered his face in kisses, “Now excuse me, I have some blackmail material to record!”

The h/c female fished out her small mobile phone and left Eren in a daze. She opened the door and winced internally when it creaked. Luckily Levi’s singing drowned out every other sound in the showers. Y/n crawled on all fours and hid behind a couple of sinks. She peeked out just in time to see Levi pull up his pants. The girl let out a small noise of disappointment but opened up her phone none the less and recorded Levi.

“Come come kitty kitty, you’re so pretty pretty. Don’t go kitty kitty, stay with me. Come come kitty kitty, you’re so silly silly. Don’t go kitty kitty, play with me~”

Y/n’s jaw was reunited with the floor as she watched him dance to his singing. Levi was an attractive man, there was no doubt. And his singing wasn’t that bad either. But MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN HE SURE KNEW HOW TO MOVE!

Y/n drooled over him for a while longer before realizing she was still recording Levi with a shaky hand. Whether the shakes were from the fear she felt or from the strange arousal in her, it’s up to you. When she had enough, her fingers hit the “Stop” button on her phone and got out of her hiding spot. She smirked cheekily and shamelessly watched Levi button-up his shirt.

“K-K-kawaii.” Y/n called out and leaned against one of the white walls. She twirled the phone in her hand and savoured the sight of Levi fumbling with the buttons of his shirt and staring wide-eyed at her. She winked, “Hello kitty, you’re so pretty~”

Levi’s shock turned into a nasty glare. “Y/n..” he warned.

“Meow.” Y/n sent him a kiss and dashed out the door, angry to see that Eren had left to die alone. Flustered and angry Levi chased after Y/n all while shouting her name and demanding that she give him the damn phone and cursing at her.

~Extended Ending~

“Here’s the 5 bucks Armin, thanks again for the help. We couldn’t have gotten him singing without a push.”


“...Armin? You alright buddy?”

“...He thought I was a girl.”
Comm: Levi's Got Talent {Levi x Reader} [Crackfic]
Commission for :iconmurfpie156: 

Aah so sorry it took so long dear! I hope it was worth the wait though! Please do tell me if you want me to change anything, I'll be more than willing to!

Hello Kitty Chibi Hello Kitty Chibi Hello Kitty Chibi 

Would you like to request a commission too? Please check out this journal:

Hello Kitty Chibi Hello Kitty Chibi Hello Kitty Chibi 

Attack on Titan and its characters do not belong to me.

Plot belongs to me. 


Commission for :iconsilvermints:

Free Blood Divider REVAMP: Free to Use! by MonsterMedsFree Blood Divider REVAMP: Free to Use! by MonsterMedsFree Blood Divider REVAMP: Free to Use! by MonsterMedsFree Blood Divider REVAMP: Free to Use! by MonsterMedsFree Blood Divider REVAMP: Free to Use! by MonsterMedsFree Blood Divider REVAMP: Free to Use! by MonsterMeds

Thanatos was having the most pleasant dream he’s had in a while. The wonderful melody of wailing children begging for his mercy was interrupted when Tofu had, literally, jumped onto the dark creature.

“Thanny!! Wake up!” Tofu smiled brightly; completely oblivious to the nearly murderous glare his dear friend was giving him. “You’ve been sleeping all day!” The dratasus complained and nudged the black fur ball with his snort muzzle, “Let’s play!”

Thanatos harshly pushed Tofu off of him and turned his head away, “Go away.”

Tofu’s smile did not deflate and his sprits only seemed to be raised higher, “The weather’s really nice right now! It’s not too bright, we should spend them together~ Oh oh! Let’s play tag! Tag you’re it!”

Thanatos watch as the bubbly fool ran out of his cave. ‘He’s completely mad if he thinks I’m actually going to chase after him.’ He thought to himself before closing his eyes once more.

However, whatever peace Thanatos was able to gather was thrown into the air when Tofu glided back in. “No tag? That’s okay! How about we play some hopscotch!” He chirped happily. One sharp claw came out from Tofu’s paw and he used it to scratch the rocks beneath him to lay out the game.

Thanatos cringed at the loud and irritating noise that the action caused. He jumped onto his feet and slapped Tofu’s paw. “QUIET!” He hissed, “Go away! I don’t want to play hopscotch with you! I don’t want to do anything with you!”

The pretty little jewel on Tofu’s neck changed from green to orange before immediately switching back to green, “Oooooh, I get it.”

Thanatos let out a sigh of relief, “Thank goodness, now get o—”

“You’d rather play hide and seek!” Tofu cut off Thanatos, his grey tail swaying happily behind him. He bounced in a giddy manner, “Fun! You be seeker, I’ll be hider! Don’t peek~”

Tofu skipped away from Thanatos with the biggest and dorkiest smile on his face. Thanatos made no effort to comply with Tofu’s demands and simply grumbled, “I swear if that fool comes in here and asks me to “play” with him one more time, I’m going to snap his neck with my own two paws.”  

His black tail wrapped itself around him to kept the feline-like creature fairly warm. He kept one glowing eye open and scanned the area for a very idiotic dratasus once more. He was sure that the second he’d blink, Tofu would crash in and demand that they play dress up next. After being paranoid for a couple of more minutes, Thanatos was pleased when he didn’t hear the sound of Tofu’s annoying paws and hooves. Thanatos’s throat vibrated with something that resembled a deranged purr. His eyelids drooped which finally allowed darkness to flood his vision. The dark creature’s breaths slowed down to a steady and quiet pace which indicated that he finally was able to go back to his dream world.

Outside, Tofu was frolicking in the daisies and daffodils searching for the perfect hiding spot. He spot a bush and dove into in. The dratasus giggled and attempted to make himself as small as possible, “Thanny will never find me here!” Unknown to him, grey really stands out in green and he could be seen from miles away. Tofu waiting around for an hour or so, making flower crowns to pass the time, when he decided to step out. The blue of his gem reflected how the disappointed dratasus felt, “Thanny didn’t come..?”

His sad pink eyes trailed over the piles of flowers and crowns he had made. An idea popped into Tofu’s head. He picked up one daisy crown with his mouth, careful not to pull out any petals. His words were muffled as he chirped, “I’ll give one to Thanny! I’m sure he’ll love it!” With that, he trotted off back to Thanatos’ dark little cave. The journey didn’t seem long at all to the happy little Tofu. When he approached his beloved friend’s home, he placed the flower crown on his own head. He had to properly greet good ol’ Thanny, wouldn’t want to annoy him with something as silly as that. Tofu popped his in and sang loudly, “Thanny~!” He galloped over to where the sleeping beast was and nuzzled into him, “Wake up! I made you a flower crown! Don’t worry! I’m not sad that you couldn’t find me! I must have been too good of a hider!”

Tofu’s rambling was cut off by a very scratchy growl. Tofu looked down and spoke quietly, “Thanny...?”

You know... I really, really hate you.” Thanatos spat out as he uncurled and stood up.

The hairs on Tofu stood up and his mood gem flashed several different colours, the most noticeable being black, blue and orange. His eyes widened and his throat got chocked up by what he could only describe as pure, unadulterated fear. Thanatos’ eyes no longer resembled the bright sparkling stars in the night sky; rather they looked like an endless white void. His fur arched up to make the much smaller creature suddenly look like a giant. The shadows came alive and slithered away from the corners. They swayed angrily in the air and looked sharp enough to pierce Tofu.  They expanded and grew, snuffing out all the light and leaving the two creatures in complete darkness.

Tofu took hesitant steps back. His heart was thumping loudly in his chest and his ears twitched every so often to try and hear where Thanatos might be. However, the poor grey dratasus was stopped when the black living shadows. They coiled around his paws and hooves, all the way up to his neck. Tofu chocked out a couple of incomprehensible syllables before having all his air cut off. Tears brimmed in Tofu’s eyes when he heard small, slow and teasing steps. Despite the sudden darkness, he was able to make out the silhouette of the monster he had woken up.

Thanatos floated up to glare at Tofu, it was almost as if he could see straight through his skin and into his soul. He snarled, “I hate how loud and obnoxious you are. You’re a complete idiot.”

Tofu froze and let the words sink in. He’d never felt so...empty. Tofu genuinely liked hanging with Thanatos, and he believed that he did too.  He just hoped that all the malice was a part of his “try to be tough” personality. To suddenly have the truth thrown at him was numbing. Or perhaps it was just the lack of oxygen? Thanatos noticed Tofu’s eyes drooping and so commanded the shadow tendrils to loosen their hold. He grinned with his sharp teeth on display, “Oh, don’t head to sleep yet Tofu. Didn’t you want to have some fun?” He chuckled darkly, “Let’s start easy, hm?”

With a clap of his paws, shadows rushed around the cave and brought out a jar filled with scorpions and spiders. Why did he have one? Plot reasons. Before Tofu could scream, semi-solid shadows slapped themselves onto his mouth. Thanatos juggled the jar to provoke the foul eight-legged creatures and then proceeded to dump them on Tofu. The second they touched him, he flinched and squirmed. Fear and adrenaline coursed through his veins, but it was all for not since the bruising hold Thanatos’ shadows had on him wouldn’t even let his legs shift slightly.

After watching for a couple of more minutes, Thanatos decided he wanted some of the action too. He pounced onto Tofu, particularly enjoying how he seemed frozen stiff. His claws buried themselves deep into Tofu’s shoulders causing blood to trickle out of the punctures. Thanatos laughed maliciously and clamped his teeth onto one of Tofu’s grey wings. The cracking of several bones bounced in the darkness only to be soon followed by the sound of tearing flesh and popping joints. Thanatos spat out the appendix and licked the blood on his teeth, “There, isn’t that better?”

The shadows moved away to let the sound of Tofu’s screeching echo. The glorious screams were mixed in with his sobs and cries. Thanatos purred in ecstasy at the beautiful harmony. Oh, but he was far from done. He ripped off Tofu’s other wing and poked out one of his eyes, especially enjoying the sound it made when the eyeball popped right out of its socket.  Several claw marks were on Tofu’s shaking body and several scales were ripped off from his underbelly. The extensive torture seemed to last forever to Tofu, but appeared to be mere seconds to Thanatos. The dratasus’ breaths were too weak, too feeble to even be considered breaths. His face nearly looked white and his gem? Oh, Thanatos had crushed that a while ago. Tofu’s reddened eyes struggled to stay open for a few more moments, if only just so that everything would change in a heartbeat and go back to normal. It never did. The last thing he ever saw before going to his eternal rest was Thanatos’ bright glowing eyes. And for the first time ever, he wasn’t happy to see them.
Commission: Sleep Tight {Tofu and Thanatos}
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Commission for: :iconsilvermints:

Ah, I'm so sorry if this seems more angst than gore! ;A; Please tell me if you want me to change anything, I gladly will do so!

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Would you like to request a commission too? Please check out this journal:

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Tofu and Thanatos belong to SilverMints

The story and plot belong to me. 

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