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Please note me or contact me through Kik before requesting a commission. Prices range from 50 points to 1050 points.
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Please note me or contact me through Kik before requesting a commission. Prices range from 50 points to 1050 points.
[Open Slot]
Please note me or contact me through Kik before requesting a commission. Prices range from 50 points to 1050 points.
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Please note me or contact me through Kik before requesting a commission. Prices range from 50 points to 1050 points.


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First Name: Noor

Date of Birth: 2nd May, 2000

Gender: Female

Height: 5'5 1/2

Personality Type: ISFP-T

Bio: Alright, so my name's Noor. I was born in Saudi Arabia. However, I spent a good majority of my life in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Dubai. Currently I'm living in Pakistan. I'd say I'm pretty well educated. I love the arts, however I probably won't be chasing it as a career path. Business is a much more stable job ovo'
Writing has been a passion of mine since I was in grade school honestly, and I love it so much. For now I'm playing it safe and sticking to fanfictions (mostly Reader-inserts), but I'm hoping that I'll be able to branch away.

Genres I'm willing to write: Romance, comedy, tragedies, angst, fluff, almost-limes.

Genres I'm unwilling to write: Smut/lemons, hardcore gore.

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Contact Me:

Kik: NoorLaCookieMonstaxo

Personal Blog: MissMapleLady
Oceantalia Blog: Under construction

Wattpad: xShimmeringSoulx

Quotev: MagicalMissMaple

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Seriously considering revamping Oceantalia. I don't know what it is, but I'm not satisfied with how it is. Every character seems so shallow and I feel like nothing makes sense?? 
Late nights and early mornings. Assignments piling up and deadlines peaking from every corner. Books fatter than my waist, and teachers stricter than my parents. Time whizzing by and work standing still. Caffeine flooding my veins and sleep seeping away. The constant throbbing in my skull and numbness in my hands.

Only after had all this taken its toll on me in matter of just two weeks, I had realized that this was it. This was the hell I got myself into.

This was college life.
My Personal Hell {Drabble}

yes hi im not dead--- well not yet anyway

i dont know what to doooooo too much work for my poor soul tbh 
“Mary had a little lamb... little lamb... little lamb..

Mary had a little lamb.. its fleece was dark as coal~”

A h/c-haired woman sat happily on a rooftop with her feet swinging back and forth. She licked her lips in anticipation as her bright e/c eyes stared down at her target. It was a small child, with hair of a slight hue of blue. Drool began pooling up in her mouth as she continued staring down at the lad. Who would leave such a delicious looking child all alone in such a dark and unruly hour? No one of course, which is why she kept herself safe and away from prying eyes.

“Everywhere that Mary went...Mary went... Mary went.

Everywhere that Mary went..the lamb was sure to go~”

She chuckled and buried herself deeper into the dark shadows of the night when the small boy looked up to try and find the source of the singing. She saw his eyes narrow before looking back at her...beautiful work of art. The she-demon smacked her lips together and kissed her fingertips, she blew the kiss towards the boy and took pleasure in the shiver that followed after.  

“Soon little lamb, just as soon as I take care of the little guard hound you’ve found for yourself~” She chuckled and hopped away; not really caring for the rich red eyes that noticed her.

“Young master, shall I—”

“No.” The young lad interrupted his butler, “We’ll catch her some other time. For now, see to it that this child is buried properly.”

The demon pressed his lips together and bowed, “As you wish my lord.”
Little Lamb {Ciel x Demon!Reader} Drabble

maybe i'll come back to it someday

Irony is submitting this on Eid-ul-Adha hahahahahaaaa---
Sheepish Sheepish Sheepish 

Black butler and its characters belong to Yana Toboso

Story belongs to me
Commission for :iconsassy-but-classy:

Clefairy :love: Clefairy :love: Clefairy :love: 

A solid week. That’s how long Y/n spent trying to gather enough energy to put her plan into motion. She didn’t do anything that would require even the slightest bit of magic, heck she didn’t even flap her wings in fear of using it. If Arthur noticed her sudden change, he didn’t mention it. Which was good in a sense, Y/n wouldn’t have to answer any questions he would have.  The fairy and pirate were sitting on the Captain’s desk when the latter decided to strike up a conversation, “The rest of crew knows you exist. That git blabbered everything to them.”

“Oh? And now what? The entire crew plans to over throw you and use me for wishes?” Y/n mocked.

“No, they know I’d throw them over board before they could put their plan into action.” Arthur rolled his eye, “They actually won’t stop asking to meet you.”

At that Y/n perked up almost immediately, “Wha?!” She bounced onto her feet and stared up at Arthur, “Can I?! Oh please! I’ll behave, fairy scout’s honour!”

Arthur mused over the idea for a while; the worst case scenario would be that Y/n would get dizzy from being passed around and puke in her jar. But she could always fix that herself with a flick of her wrist. And she did swear upon her fairy scout’s honour, so that has to count for something, right? Arthur sighed, “Alright, let’s go.”

Y/n threw her fist into the air and cheered. Luckily for her, Arthur didn’t know that there was no such thing as a fairy scout.

And so Arthur had grabbed his crimson coat and protective held the glass jar that held the key to his treasure. Meanwhile Y/n had run her hand through her hair and fixed her dress a bit. The two stepped out and when up to the deck where the pirate band was working happily. A rather elderly male that was mopping the wooden floor was the first to spot them; his eyes glittered in excitement, “Aye, t’e captain brought out the wee lass!”

Immediately a stamped of males ran towards Y/n and Arthur. The fairy was positively horrified and clawed at the jar, she was sure that they’d run into her and step on her. She might as well start saying her prayers; at least she was able to take Mother’s secret with her to the grave. Just before she could meet her demise, Arthur had snapped his fingers and the crew halted like the obedient dogs they were. Arthur spoke with a commanding tone, “Remember men, this is a sly vixen. Do not fall for her seductive lies.”

The pirates let out a chorus of “Aye”s. Satisfied with their answer, Arthur tossed the jar to the man that was closed to him. Y/n squeaked loudly and glared at Arthur who walked away to take hold of the wheel.  The sea of pirates crowded around her, many looked at her like a child would look at candy. Others stared at her skeptically and refused to believe that she was real. Y/n had chosen to ignore those and relished in the attention she was being given.

“How can yee fly with those tiny little wings?” One inquisitive brunet asked.

“My wings aren’t like the kind you find on insects,” Y/n began with a smirk, “My magic keeps me afloat when I need it.”

“Why are you so small?” Other asked, this one had a little gap in his teeth and looked to be only a year or two older than Alfred.

Y/n shrugged, “It’s sort of a power-saving mode. I’m stuck in it while I’m in this stupid jar. Hey, mind letting me—”

A single “No” came from everyone which caused Y/n to snap her fingers and grumble in defeat. It was worth a shot. Lighthearted questions were asked and Y/n was more than happy to answer. They were so entranced by her, and it gave a huge boost to her ego. She even began to enjoy their company, they were much better than Captain JerkFace.

“And CHOMP!”

Y/n blinked brightly and clutched her chest, her wings flapped in surprise, “Then what happened!?”

The sailor smirked, “The crocodile bit off the Cap’ain’s pants he did.”

Y/n laughed along with the pirates at the story. Everyone was littered around and sharing tales. Her jar was kept up on a barrel so that she could see everyone. She wiped away a few stray tears and looked around her. Alfred had yet to join them. When she found the blond boy, she waved and motioned for him to join. The boy was hesitant, but ultimately decided he wanted to hang with the fairy too. Y/n smiled at him and asked, “Hey, how much longer do we have until Arthur decides to hide me in his cabin again?”

Alfred scratched the back of his neck, “About ten minutes?”

“Great!” The fairy cheered, “That’s enough time for me to tell you all a story!”

Immediately everyone gave the magic creature their undivided attention, even those who had been bitter about her. Heck, even Arthur leaned into the wheel to try to listen in. Y/n opened her mouth, but instead of an animated story, she let out a scream. The others followed in suit. Y/n’s jar wobbled a bit; luckily Alfred took it and held it firmly against his chest. Every single head slowly turned to see a large ditch and broken wood thrown around. The source of this destruction, a long wooden point piercing the deck. Would you like to know where that came from? Why, a ship of course. And that meant only one thing, pirates. The crew immediately got onto their feet and got ready for a bloodbath.

Arthur barked out orders and unsheathed his sword. “Alfred!” Arthur commanded, “Put that fairy somewhere safe, and no matter what, make sure she’s not se—!?”

A herd of heavy boots landed onto the wooden deck causing it vibrate. Arthur forgot the orders he was about to give Alfred and instead swirled back. His bushy eyebrows scrunched together and he growled, “Captain Gilbert Beilschmidt.”

The albino pirate smirked and held his sword in the air with pride, “We meet again, Arthur.”

Arthur hissed and grabbed the hilt of his own sword, “Get off of my ship you bloody git. You have no business here.”

Gilbert laughed, “Kesesesese, actually I do. Ein kleiner vogel told me jou have something very interesting here, a magical creature with a magical secret.” He then tilted his head towards Alfred.

Arthur looked back at his underling, then back at Gilbert, “Alfred? Alfred is a bumbling fool. If he’s what you’re after then—”

“Nein! The jar!” Gilbert yelled.

Alfred jumped into the air and tightened his hold, “You won’t get it!”

Gilbert shrugged, “Fine by me.”

And just like that, chaos was set free. Swords clashed in every direction and men tackled each other. Arthur charged at Gilbert to keep him at bay. Meanwhile, Alfred tried to cover Y/n with his sweater and find someplace safe to keep her. He didn’t manage to take more than a couple of steps before Ludwig appeared in front of him. The German glared and poked Alfred with the tip of his sword, “Hand over the jar und I will not hurt jou.”

Alfred glared back and unsheathed his own weapon, “Over my dead body!”

Ludwig didn’t wait for his opponent to put Y/n down, instead he attacked immediately. Alfred commented on how he was being unfair, but the blond didn’t really care and continued. Alfred struggled to fight off Ludwig and keep Y/n safe, but he managed somehow.

That is.. until he bumped into someone and dropped the jar. Time seemed to slow down as the jar fell gracefully with Y/n looking absolutely frightened inside. The two teens reached to grab it, but they were too late. The glass hit the ground and shattered. Y/n was stunned for a few moments but quickly snapped out of it when she saw two large hands heading towards her. She jumped onto her feet and flew up into the air.

Her heart was beating in her head and muffling all other sounds. Still, she cheered and threw her hand in the air, “Yes! I’m free!” Y/n looked down at the two young teens jumping up and trying to grab her while pushing each other away. She smirked and flew down to be just out of their reach, in other words, she was teasing them. The fairy pulled her knees up quickly, “Oops! You almost got me that time Alfred!”

The American whined loudly, “Y/n just come back here! Arthur will have my head!”

Ludwig shoved him away, “Nein! She’s not jours anymore, she belongs to mein bruder!”

That little comment caused the two to start bickering and fighting. Y/n watched in amusement for a while, when she suddenly remembered that she was on a pirate ship. She quietly flew away from the two. Y/n stayed close to the floor and walls to avoid being sighted until she got what she needed. She narrowly dodged a foot landing right next to her and began mumbling to herself, “Alright, I can’t change forms yet, it’ll make it difficult to navigate here. I have enough energy to cast a handful of spells until I reach Arthur’s cabin and take the map.”

The poor absentminded fairy was blissfully unaware of the sharp red eyes that did not fail to notice her. She also didn’t notice the holder of those eyes send someone after her.

:navi: :navi: :navi: 

“Finally.” Y/n stopped at the large wooden door that led to her once-prison. She smirked and snapped her fingers. A bright light engulfed her, and by the time it faded, Y/n’s body grew from just a couple of inches to a little over 5 feet. She stretched her hands, “Ah~ That’s much better.”

Y/n opened the door and walked in, not hearing someone come in after her.  Human-sized Y/n trashed around Arthur’s desk, looking for the map. It wasn’t the map to Mother Telesia’s treasure; rather it was the map to another fairy village. Let’s just say those fairies aren’t exactly the bravest. They would spill the beans almost as quickly as they’d drop their panties.

“Aha! There you are.” Y/n caged the map in a bubble of magic and poofed it away. She brushed the dust off her hands, “Alrighty, now I’m outta he— !?” And just like that, she was trapped in darkness. Panic flooded in and caused her to automaticly shift to her safeguard mode. The person that caught her reduced the space she had so that she couldn’t change back.

Y/n used her magic to get some light and kicked her surroundings, “Is this a sack?!” She felt herself being tossed around, and unfortunately for our little fairy, one of her glass-like wings got injured in the process.

She cried out but was quickly hushed by her kidnapper, “Shut it!”

Y/n rolled her eyes and kept quiet. Hopefully this fool isn’t as knowledgeable as Arthur was concerning magical creatures. She could use his ignorance to her advantage. Right now, she needed to tend to her wing. She created some more light to closely inspect her wing.  She grimaced and sighed in frustration, “Ugh. Why my wing? I need to get this fixed...”

An injured wing takes a lot of magic to heal, and magic was something Y/n could not afford to waste. The tiny fairy dimmed the light around her. She wrapped her healthy wing around herself and rested her head on her knees. With one final sigh she closed her eyes. Time to go back to the drawing board.

:navi: :navi: :navi: 

Gilbert praised his, slightly hurt, crew and offered a toast. He was very pleased with the raid. They had retreated after Y/n had been captured and majority of Arthur’s loot had been stolen.  The band of pirates had tended to each other’s wounds and now, not so patiently, waited for their captain to unveil the true treasure. The albino man grabbed the sack, offered by the very man that had done the deed, and stood up on a barrel.

“Now! Time to see the little frau properly.” Gilbert grinned and held the bag up in the air. The crowd cheered and so he dumped the contents of the sack onto the floor.

Once Y/n made contact with the floor, a cloud of glitter and sparkles erupted, temporarily blinding the pirates. When their vision cleared up, they jumped onto their feet. They gasped when they saw a woman, albeit a winged woman, holding their captain’s hands behind his back and aiming what looked like a ball of fire at his face.

“Back away unless you want Captain Crunch for breakfast!” Y/n threatened. When no one moved she only increased the size of the flames in her fist, “I mean it!” Hesitantly they took a couple of steps back. Y/n nodded in approval. She looked towards Ludwig, recognizing him, “Where are we!?”

“I-In mein bruder’s ship!” Ludwig answered, beads of sweat collecting on his forehead. If he said a single wrong word, his brother would be burned to a crisp. And we couldn’t have that, now can we?

Y/n nodded, “Alright, I want this ship to change course and move So—”

Gilbert let out a low whistle, “Those are some nice legs you have frau.”

“Huh?” Y/n looked down to properly examine the captain. In all this excitement, she hadn’t had a chance to check him out yet. She was pleasantly surprised to see that he was.. well, hot. Ripped body, gorgeous eyes, soft hair, and oh my goodness look at the outline his pants are providing. Immediately she let him go and began apologizing, “Oh my, I’m so sorry. If I knew you were this hot, I would have taken a different approach.”

Gilbert smirked and grabbed Y/n’s hand, “Don’t worry about it. Jour breasts feel nice pressed again my back.”

Y/n’s face and wings turned a lovely shade of pink before she shot back her own suggestive response.

“What are they..?” A pirate asked.

“They’re flirting.” Ludwig replied, annoyance clear on his youthful face. He coughed to catch the attention of both of the hormonal adults, “Bruder, perhaps jou should take this instead.”

Gilbert forced his eyes to look away from the mesmerizing e/c ones in favour of his little brother, “Good idea Ludwig. Take charge up here.”  He then held his hand out for the fairy and led her away to more private chambers.

Once the two were in the safety of four walls, Gilbert unsheathed his sword and Y/n stepped back with flame engulfing her fists. Fighting on the deck would have been a bad idea, and apparently both parties thought the same thing. They were more than glad to take things where others would not interfere. This way Gilbert’s men would not be harmed by a creature they did not understand, and Y/n would not be mobbed with her injury draining her magic bit by bit.

The two stared down and circled around each other, almost daring the other to back off. Gilbert was the first to speak, “Why did Arthur capture jou?”

“Why should I tell you?” Y/n replied curtly.

Unsatisfied with her answer, but unwilling to bother her about it, he asked, “Why didn’t jou fly away?”

He noticed Y/n flinch and lower both her wings in an attempt to hide them from his view. She clenched her hands, the amber in them seemingly growing and the fire reflecting in her eyes, “None of your business!”  Y/n hissed, “You will tell your men to turn this ship where I tell them to, or so help me I will burn it down!”

Gilbert stayed quiet for a few moments before replying, “Jou can’t fly away can jou?”


He watched her face shift to fear before her brave facade came back. She raised her hand threateningly and barked, “Listen here you! Just because I can’t fly doesn’t mean that I can’t kill you! Now you’re mildly hot and I don’t want that pretty face to go to waste, so just listen to me damn it!”

Gilbert kept quiet for a few moments before smirking, “So you really think I’m hot?”

A bright red blush erupted onto Y/n face and the flames in her hands disappeared. She waved one of them awkwardly, “I mean yes—But don’t get me wrong! I’ll kill you!”

The albino pirate laughed, causing Y/n to shut up and stop her rambling, “Kesesesese, well frau, I really think jou are hot too.” He then placed his sword back where it belongs, “Jou need to get somewhere? I will help jou get there.”

Y/n watched him and struggled to decide whether he was being honest or not. But then, he smiled and suddenly the answer became crystal clear, “Yes.”
Bite-Sized {Pirate!Prussia x Fairy!Reader} [2/3]
Free - Navi Fairy from Legend of Zelda Free - Navi Fairy from Legend of Zelda Free - Navi Fairy from Legend of Zelda 

Commission for: :iconsassy-but-classy:  Ahhhh I'm sorry it's taking so long and thank you so much for being patient and I love you okay and ;;;; 

Part 1:

Part 3: ??? 

Free - Navi Fairy from Legend of Zelda Free - Navi Fairy from Legend of Zelda Free - Navi Fairy from Legend of Zelda 

Would you like to request a commission too? Please check out this journal:

Free - Navi Fairy from Legend of Zelda Free - Navi Fairy from Legend of Zelda Free - Navi Fairy from Legend of Zelda 

Hetalia and its characters belong to Hidekaz Himaruya. 

Story and plot belong to me.
Pain, darkness, loneliness, humiliation, hunger, those are only a few things that have kept Y/n company all these years. She couldn’t remember the last time she had ever slept in a bed, she couldn’t even remember what milk tasted like. It was a miracle that she knew English. Well... I suppose it isn’t, a person does pick up the language after living on the streets of London for as long as she had.  

Ah yes, did I forget to mention that she was homeless?

Y/n stared up at the people passing by with her dull e/c eyes. They were all so pretty. Their hair wasn’t matted with dirt like hers was. They had actual clothes to cover their fair skin, not some dirty old rag that they found one faithful night.  They held worth, unlike her. Y/n whimpered silently as her stomach grumbled. Placing a bony hand upon the nearly none-existent stomach, Y/n stared down at the dirt beneath her. She pushed her back closer to the brick wall she was resting against. Not once had Y/n ever begged for food or money, she knew that she wasn’t worth it. She wasn’t worth anything. Y/n lived her life like a ghost, forever unseen by normal people. Heck, everyone was normal when compared to her. Even the other homeless children held more significance than her, she was nothing.  

“Here you go dear.” Y/n’s head weakly looked up at the woman in front of her. She was so very beautiful, so normal. The woman smiled at Y/n, a gesture that she didn’t know how to react to. In the woman’s gloved hand were a couple of shillings, enough for a loaf of bread at most. Y/n didn’t dare attempt to grab them, she couldn’t. She wasn’t worth them. The woman’s smile fell downward slightly. She then grabbed one of Y/n’s frail hands and placed the money in them, “Take them dear. Get some food, okay? May God give you peace.”

Y/n stared in awe at the money in her hands, nearly trembling in her state of disbelief. Had that woman given her money willingly? And was it all for her? Were all the stalls closed, could she even buy anything this late into the evening?  Ah, it didn’t matter. She could eat! Before Y/n could break into a soft smile, she heard another grumble, one that didn’t originate from herself.

Y/n looked deeper into the alley she was in and saw a young boy. How could she not have noticed him before?  Compared to Y/n, the boy did look better off, but he was still hungry. The h/c haired female looked down at the currency in her hands. She was hungry, so very hungry. A part of her mind begged her to keep the money, to eat, to survive. Another part, a louder one, told her that she was kidding herself. A whole loaf of bread? For herself? Hah, how selfish and greedy of her. How disgusting.

Y/n bit into her cracked lips and looked back at the child. She motioned him to come over. As the child appeared in front of her, Y/n quietly handed him all the shillings and then resumed looking down at the ground. The child quickly ran off afterwards in a hurry to feed himself, he didn’t even thank her. Not like she deserved it or anything.  Y/n curled up into a ball on the cold hard ground, not even thinking about grabbing the pile of unused boxes nearby. They were probably meant for someone else. Her body was about to shut down when another voice called out to her, “Why did you give him your money?”

‘Why am I getting so much attention today?’ Y/n thought to herself bitterly as she turned her head slightly to see the silhouette of another child.  It was male from what she could tell. He wore a hat and shoes. One of his eyes was covered by a medical eye patch. He had a plain button-up shirt and pants, along with a sleeveless vest and socks. He was so clean. He also gave off an aura of superiority, then again, everyone did. But there was something about him, something that screamed that you shouldn’t even look in his direction. Deciding to listen to that voice, Y/n turned her head away in shame. He wanted an answer, but her dry throat wouldn’t allow it. So instead, she let out a small whimper.

The child tsk’d at her and walked away to continue whatever business he had. Once his over-bearing presence disappeared, Y/n became bold enough to look up at the sky. She used to love seeing the stars shine up there, but now they were constantly hiding in the clouds. ‘They’re probably disappointed in me.’ Y/n thought bitterly. She closed her tired eyes and rested for a bit, perhaps death would claim her tonight? She sure hoped so.

Ciel Phantomhive looked over his shoulder, very disappointed to see that the clearly famished girl was still lying there. She was doing absolutely nothing to change her situation. She just accepted fate, accepted it and waited for her demise. How despicable. If he, a child robbed of his parents and childhood, could climb out of his hellhole and survive, what gave her the right to just give up like that? How dare she.

Sebastian’s keen senses caught sight of his future meal’s frown and inquired, “Is something the matter my Lord?” He followed his master’s gaze to see the dirty and skinny child live her last moments in this world alone in the streets. Poor little thing could be saved if someone helped.  

“No.” Ciel answered curtly and began moving forward once more, “Nothing.”

The demon butler was able to catch up easily with the much shorter boy. He studied him for a while before asking another questioned, “Young master, we do have space in the manor. If you wish to take her in, I shall see to it ime—”

“Why would I do a thing like that?” Ciel interrupted, “She’s just a pitiful peasant.”
Pitiful Peasant {Ciel x Homeless!Reader}
It was going to have a happy end, I swear it was, but I just thought it was more likely that Ciel would do something like this instead.

\( ; v ; )/ 

Rain Stars Pink Rain Stars Pink Rain Stars Pink 

Black butler and its characters do not belong to me.

The story does.
“May I have this dance?”

Her painted lips curled up into a smile as she nodded happily. Her gloved hand nested itself into the male’s outstretched one and allowed herself to be pulled up to her seat. Her eyes laughed with her as her companion twirled her around and swayed to the music dancing in the air.

“You clean up well.” Y/n commented as her partner dipped her rather dramatically.

“Thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself.” He replied with a teasing wink before bringing her back up.

A sweet melodious, and almost intoxicating, sound echoed in the large room as the mesmerizing h/c haired female lightly slapped her companion’s shoulder, “You’re horrible Alfred!” Her laughter died down and allowed another dazzling, yet somewhat solemn, smile to appear, “I’m going to miss you, you dork. I can’t believe high school’s finally over...”

However, the e/c jewels lit up once more when she felt the hands of her best friend clam themselves onto her waist. Alfred then hoisted her up and twirled her around in the air. Other students looked at the two before dismissing their antics and continuing with their own dances and conversations. However, one set of eyes just couldn’t look away.  They didn’t want to look away either. Y/n L/n, a bright student and a beautiful woman, also happens to be the one who stole the British man’s heart. He couldn’t tear his gaze away from her dress’ skirt as it flew around with her. He couldn’t stop staring at every smile and giggle she graced the world with. He couldn’t stop looking at her.

That is, until someone placed their hand on his shoulder and spoke in an annoying French accent, “Arthur! Mon ami, you look grumpier zan usual. Upset to see zis year’s batch leave, oui?”

Arthur grumbled and swatted the Frenchie’s hand away, “Bugger off you twit, I’m perfectly alright.”

Francis laughed and smiled with content. He always did love attending these graduation parties, it was a perfect time to say goodbye to the students that tormented him their entire high school years. Yet, he really did hate seeming them go. It was bittersweet. His blue eyes glittered as he spoke, “Zey grow up so fast... It feels like zey were freshmen just yesterday.”

Arthur had taken the liberty to continue staring at his favourite student chat away with the American git she liked to be with so much. He absentmindedly stroked the glass container in his pocket and commented, “Indeed.”

The principle of the education facility, a strong German man with slicked blond hair, grabbed a mic and announced that it was time for the final dance of the night. The romantic, yet still up-beat, melody was then switched to a classic slow song. Groups of girls immediately dispersed to prey on victims and boys scrambled to get their dates. Y/n and Alfred moved away from the dance floor and went towards the snack bar. The feminine one of the two looked up and smirked, “What’s wrong hero? Your date ditched you?”

Alfred laughed obnoxiously, “No, she’s there.”

He pointed to a lovely little lady in red and white. Y/n let out a  low whistle, “She sure is a dime. What are you doing here if she’s there!?”

Alfred chuckled nervously, “She kinda...doesn’t...know that she’s my date.. hahaaa.....”

“...Alfred F. Jones. Please don’t tell me that you didn’t ask her out.”


Y/n face palmed and groaned, “Idiot.” She then pushed Alfred away, “Go! Quick! She’s clearly dying to dance, look at her fidget.”

“Yeah but—”

“No buts!” With one final push, she managed to get Alfred’s feet to move, “Go!”  

Alfred stumbled and bumped into his, now former, English teacher, “Woah! Sorry Mr.K!”

Arthur staggered but regained his ground. His hands immediately shot to make sure the bottle hidden away in his pants was secure. Once his fears were snuffed out, he let a sigh of relief out. The older male’s eyebrows scrunched up together and he began scolding the youth, “Watch where you’re going you twit!”  

Alfred stuttered nervously trying to explain what happened, but Arthur was having none of that. He could have gone the whole night giving him a lecture on manners, but Y/n stepped in to save the “Hero”.

She politely tapped his shoulders to catch the fuming man’s attention, “Forgive him Mr.Kirkland, I was the one that pushed him.”

Arthur blushed; luckily for him the dim lighting hid that tiny detail. He coughed into his fist and smoothed out his suit, “Ah, well I suppose I could let him away just this once.”  

Alfred mouthed a thank-you and began jogging towards his own crush. Y/n smirked and shook her head slightly. She then looked up at Arthur and grinned, “Thank you sir.”

“Please, call me Arthur.” Seeing Y/n’s face display confusion, he quickly added, “S-Seeing as you’re technically not my student anymore! I-I mean you might as well, right?”

Y/n thought about it for a moment and then nodded, “I guess that makes sense...Arthur.”

Was that shiver that climbed up Arthur’s spine? Probably. Arthur smiled, “Would you like a drink?”
Y/n quickly shook her head, “I can get one myself Mr.Kirk— I mean Arthur.”

There she goes again. Does she say Arthur so seductively on purpose? It must be. Arthur stopped Y/n’s protests and insisted. He was going to get one for himself either way. Y/n submitted and agreed. Arthur nearly galloped towards the punch bowl. He poured out two cups and added a little something extra to Y/n’s drink. He ran back to his love and handed her the punch.  Y/n smiled politely and sipped her drink casually.

“This tastes rather odd... It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong, just.. different.” Y/n commented.

“Oh?” Arthur played oblivious and took a gulp from his own glass, “You’re quiet right.” He lied, “Perhaps it’s because the students make the punch this year.”

Y/n nodded and looked out to the dance floor. She saw Alfred dance the night away with the beautiful girl that she had spotted a while ago. Her name was a complete mystery, but Y/n did know that she was a sweet little thing. She wished someone would come and ask her to dance, mostly just so she could get away from creepy Mr.K.

Y/n felt Arthur place his hand on her shoulder. She looked up to see him give her a low-key predatory smile. “Shall we walk while we chat?”

Y/n forced another smile and nodded. They walked down the snack bar and continued to drink and talk. At one point Y/n began to feel rather funny. She couldn’t really see straight and everything felt.. slow? Did it suddenly get darker? At one point Arthur turned to her and held out his hand. He said something, perhaps it was a question? She dumbly nodded.  

Arthur grinned and placed a hand on her waist. He guided one of her hands to his shoulder and tightly held the other one. The two danced awkwardly for a while. Arthur sighed in bliss and buried his head in her hair. ‘What a lovely scent.’ He thought. The two had walked into a darker corner of the room, where no prying eyes would see. Arthur’s eyes opened when he felt Y/n stumble. Arthur placed a finger under her chin and lifted it up, “Are you alright?”

Y/n opened her mouth and spoke slowly, “I.. I’d like to... go home.”

Arthur nodded and led her to the back door. Sadly he was seen this time.

“Mon ami? Iz everything okay?” Francis asked with a rather concerned expression.

Arthur looked back and chuckled nervously, “It seemed that someone has spiked the punch. Y/n here drank quite a bit and isn’t feeling well. I’m going to drop her home. Would you please dispose of the punch and make sure no one else drinks it.”

Francis’ eyes lit up in understanding. He patted Arthur’s back, “You’re a good man Arthur. I’ll handle things here, please make sure Y/n reaches home safely.”

Arthur nodded and quickly left with Y/n wobbling with him. When they arrived to his car, he placed Y/n in the passenger seat and softly kissed her forehead, “Don’t you worry love, we’re going home.”

Y/n couldn’t comprehend anything, she realized something was wrong and so she managed to whisper out one word, “..We?”

Arthur shut the driver seat’s door and started the engine. With one hand on the wheel and the other tightly clutching Y/n’s hand, he answered, “Yes, we.”
One Dance {Dark!Teacher!England x Student!Reader}
Here's the dream story ewe

Bottle- Yellow Potion Bottle- Yellow Potion Bottle- Yellow Potion 

Hetalia and it's character's DON'T belong to me

Preview picture by KaruKaruKira

Story by me
The night stood still as Y/n slept peacefully in her large plush bed. The female shuffled a bit, causing her pajamas to rise a bit, but that wasn’t much of an issue seeing as she was fast asleep. If one took the effort to listen, they would find that the h/c-ette let out very faint and quiet snores with each breath. They would also realize that they had too much time on their hands and needed to get an actual life. Her chest rose up and down softly as she continued to show signs of living. A faint smile was stretching across her s/c face as she continued to dream peacefully. The temperature was neither too hot, nor too cold. The night was neither too silent, nor too loud. Everything was absolutely grand.

That is, until a peculiar man decided to jump into bed with her. ..Literally.

Her body jerked upwards as she let out an almost inaudible “Oof!”

Before she could even begin to complain, a head of strawberry hair began nuzzling into the crook of her neck, “Poppet! I’m terribly sorry for waking you, but I just felt so lonely and I really really wanted to cuddle with you. You will cuddle with me won’t you? Oh pretty please with a cherry and whipped cream on top!”  

Y/n didn’t even bother to look at Oliver. She simply pulled the Brit up so that rather than having a death grip on her hips and having his face in her tush, he would be able to rest on her arm and she could wrap her limbs around him. Oliver squealed happily at his lover’s silent submission and peppered her in kisses. He then sighed in bliss and let the night’s crickets and breeze sing him to sleep. Y/n rolled her eyes and followed her British lover’s lead. However, she awoke to a numbing pain in her arm. “My arm is asleep.” She grunted.

Oliver hummed, showing that he had also woken up. He spoke through his yawn before pressing his face further into her, “So should you.”

“Move.” She demanded in a monotone.

Oliver grumbled but obliged to her demands and shifted. He moved his head to Y/n’s chest and wrapped his arms around her. Oliver fell asleep again almost instantly; Y/n however took much longer. Seeing as she wasn’t comfortable enough to sleep, Y/n pried Oliver away from her and changed their positions so that she could spoon him, with her being the big spoon of course. After inhaling some of the frosting scent Oliver’s pink hair had and smiling to herself, she finally fell into sleep’s clutches.

Heart Pillow. Heart Pillow. Heart Pillow. 

When she woke up she and Oliver had his hand slapped onto her face, his leg on her stomach, and their blanket on the floor.
Late Night Cuddles {2p!England x Kuudere!Reader}
Snuggly snuggle time with precious cupcake baby!

Free Avatar - CupTardCake Free Avatar - CupTardCake Free Avatar - CupTardCake 

Hetalia, its characters, and the 2ps do not belong to me. 

The story, however, does.
“Where is she?” Mrs.L/n stifled her cries and sent another text to her daughter. Ever since Y/n went out for her walk, she hadn’t returned. At first Mrs.L/n had assumed that Y/n stopped somewhere because of the rain that pursued after. However even when the rain became a light drizzle, she had not received a single word from her darling child.

Mr.L/n had started to grow worried too. Y/n never left the house without a power bank and her charger, so it’s not possible for her phone to have died.  Something was wrong. He called the police to inform them of Y/n’s disappearance. He then called their neighbours, their relatives, her friends, her school, virtually everyone that ever met her. They got no answers. The h/c male groaned and threw his hand onto his forehead in frustration. He stopped, however, when he heard his wife call out.

“Dear...” Mrs.L/n began, “What if— .. What if Y/n’s.. g.. gon—”

“She’s not.” Mr.L/n interrupted, “Despite the kind of girl she is, I believe that wherever she is, she’s alright.”

“How can you be so sure?” Mrs.L/n asked, tears now started to fall down.

Mr.L/n kneeled down, grabbed his wife’s face and wiped her tears away, “She’s our daughter.”

The mother began to laugh silently when their doorbell rang. Mr.L/n stood up and answered, “Hello?”

No one was there. Grumbling about teenagers, Mr.L/n was about to shut the door when he spotted a folded note. Curiosity won him over and he went to pick it up. He walked back inside and went to his wife. She asked who it was, to which he replied, “No one.”

The two worried parents huddled together to read the message. What was written inside relieved them, and terrified them.

“I have your daughter, she’s okay. 

                                                                      -The Undertaker”
Nya~? (Sebastian x Modern Neko Reader) Extra-3
What? Did you think that you could leave the 21st century and not have anything happen after? 
Forgive me for the lack of updates and overall activity, my cousin's getting married so I've been wrapped up with that ;w; I'm still writing every chance I get, but it's very slow and I'm mainly focusing on Bite-Sized. I wouldn't expect any major updates for Nya until September. Oh, and I'll also be picking up Oceantalia again; there's no way I'll be able to finish Nya quickly and it's unfair to make everyone else wait. 
Okay I didn't realized I was close to hitting 1k watches ;; I don't really know how to describe how I feel right now, it's just very warm and fuzzy ///

I'll definitely write something for the occasion, just tell me what'd you all would prefer: 
-A fanfic 
-An original story 

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